Sunday Times names Screw Work Let’s Play in hottest new self-help books

Yesterday, Sunday Times Style Magazine named Screw Work Let’s Play as one of the 6 hottest new self-help books.

This is what they said:


John Williams, a former Deloitte consultant, has devised a compelling 10-step escape from corporate life that could see a summer of resignation letters. First, imagine what you’d do if you were given a year’s salary (after the requisite three months on a beach). Is there a way you can do it now and get paid for it? (Williams advises that to make money, your idea must solve a problem, plus heaps more tips.) It will take effort to secure your first pay cheque, he admits, but “it’s a very different experience to moaning about your job”. And having already put his DIY marketing tips into practice, the swell is growing.


You’re a put-upon white-collar slave.


Join the play revolution, because unless you’re doing something remarkable, your job could soon be outsourced to India. Besides, lots of us are trapped in the myth of our mothers’ era: that jobs are sacred and starting a business has to involve funding, staff, premises and risk. Everything’s changed in the past 10 years — you can even set up an online radio or TV station in a couple of hours for nothing.

You can read the whole article and find out what the other “Buzz Books” are here.

And you can order Screw Work Let’s Play here.

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