Inventing Tips from Trevor Baylis OBE

Here’s a 4 minute guide to inventing from creator of the clockwork radio, Trevor Baylis OBE – including how to protect your idea with a patent or trademark.

We are fortunate to have Trevor speaking at my London event Scanners Night on 12th May.
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  • Ken Jones

    It would appear Trevor Baylis never held a granted patent, only patent applications GB2165192, GB2304208 and GB2262324. I assume that when these failed his backers stopped paying him. What these cost him and what he got is a matter of speculation but you can DIY patent online these days, Amazon even has an ebook on the subject, plus there’s Pressman and Dummies. Poor Trevor had none of these modern advantages back in 1993 and now he says he’s almost broke.

  • johnsw

    Yes Ken so I heard – really tragic that he hasn’t benefited from his invention. As a result he is very passionate about people protecting their inventions.

    I guess the only upside is that people all over Africa benefit from what he invented even if he hasn’t.