If you’re looking for a ‘really’ serious job you might be in the wrong place

Poke are a digital agency in London, recently named one of the top 3 most respected agencies in the UK by New Media Age. They’ve done high profile creative projects for Orange, Skype, and French Connection and still found time to build a system for the local bakery to tweet when fresh bread is ready.

I interviewed founder of Poke, Nic Roope, because of his famously playful approach to work, business and creativity. This approach is even reflected in the jobs page of Poke’s website which says that…

Poke graphic

I love the values they’re expressing and the simple language they express them in. Here’s one of their recruitment ‘rules’ that will be music to the ears of any player:

If you’re constantly unsure about what you want to do or what your role is, as long as it’s channelled in a positive way we like that. People who don’t fit in traditional boxes make for a more exciting world.

How often do you read that on a recruitment page?

Read the rest of this excellent example of playful copywriting (including the nasty things they say about recruitment agencies) here.

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  • wow! I just love this bit form their site

    “If you’d like to work with Poke don’t assume that you’re going to see an advert on the website. Send us a mail if you’re looking for a permanent job, freelance work, or an internship. A link to your blog, portfolio or something you’ve done is quite often much more useful than a CV.”

    and they include freelance – how many say that. to me they are saying “we don’t want to to buy your soul, your time, and force you to work on certain areas; we will listen to you when you say you have create talent and would be best left to come up with ideas and suggestions – and if you send examples of your ideas – we will have a look.

    i think ppl should be able to propose their own way of working with companies. some do take some talking into it. but ones like this are clearly very open. it’s got to give them an advantage in tapping into creative people.

    mighty google is not very advanced in this area, in my humble opinion. everyone stays in the google office for many hours, ok they organize their own time, but that is where it ends. it’s comfy but surely it is better to allow ppl to work from home? there you have pets, comfy sofa etc. and much more you can live in cool places you like or even travel while working. so i’m not impressed by the idea of working at google, cannot understand the hype. they regard degrees and qualifications as very important. my view is degrees mean a little, but are not that important, not where it is at, if you want to come up with creative ideas, you need to see examples of people’s ideas.