How to find work you love in a recession

While writing Screw Work, Let’s Play, I was interviewed by Dave Monk on BBC Radio Essex about how to find work you love, even in a recession. Dave challenged me with some tough questions.

Have a listen to hear my answers to questions like:

  • Should you just fire off your CV to all the jobs you can find?
  • Isn’t it just living in a dreamland to think you can get paid for doing what you love in the current economy?
  • Why does someone who is very well qualified and very creative about finding work still find themselves unable to get a job?
  • Aren’t some things you would love to do simply impossible – like wanting to become a rock star when you’re in your fifties?
  • Surely if you have a mortgage and a family to feed, you might just have to take anything?
  • What’s the alternative to¬†job ads and¬†recruitment consultants who don’t seem to be very helpful if you want to find a new line of work?
  • Isn’t it a fact of life that some jobs are boring but pay well?

Dave makes it a fun interview. Have a listen now – just click the play button below

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