Catch yourself feeling rich

One day in the course of writing Screw Work, Let's Play, I found myself sitting outside in the London sunshine at a Thai restaurant with a friend. As we sipped Lemongrass tea and discussed her imminent move to America to further her acting, the conversation turned to money and doing what you love.

I said that I was feeling rich right now - because if I had a million pounds in the bank, I wouldn’t choose to be doing anything different. I’d still be sitting outside a restaurant in the sunshine, eating tasty Thai food with someone interesting. So I am already rich.

(And it only cost £15 a head.)

Notice those moments when there is nothing else you need, nowhere else you should be, and no one else you would rather be with because in that moment, you too are already rich.

"If you can't enjoy what you have, you can't enjoy more of it."
Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP

If you can’t appreciate the rich moments you are having right now, you might discover you won’t be able to appreciate it if and when you really do achieve your financial dreams. We’ve all seen the millionaires who just can’t stop; however much money they get, whatever they buy, they’re never satisfied. That’s not happiness.

And of course the other reason to appreciate how rich you already are is because it tends to attract more of the same which means you’ll realise those financial dreams all the sooner.

In what moment have you recently felt rich? Leave a comment and let me know...

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  • Oh, am so with you on this! What a great post.

    And there's another thing about practicing mindfulness and acknowledging the tiny riches you already have in the moment you're appreciating them.

    Your mind loves it, you feel good and so the moments expand, deepen and multiply over time.

  • This is my favourite post in a while. I'd say something pithy, but I think you just said it all 🙂

  • Been thinking about this recently, and guess what: the stuff I'm doing when I'm feeling rich costs me next to nothing: a stroll in the countryside, watching a tree move in the wind, a hike up a mountain.

  • Gamblino

    Beach, Barbeques, Sunshine & friends. Doesn't get much better than that.