Make your life a laboratory

Would you like to be recognised as a pioneer, a thought leader, a true original? Want to write a life-changing book? Want to do something more than just rehash other people’s ideas? Then it’s time to make your life a laboratory.

The people who create remarkable content – Barbara Sher, Steve Pavlina, Martha Beck, Seth Godin, Mark Forster – have something in common. They experiment and they observe. They try things and notice the results – not just externally but internally. How did it feel? If every guru says you should set goals but when you do you just end up feeling crappy, that’s part of the feedback. So you experiment to find a better way, checking all the time that it feels right to you. If it works for you it will work for others like you even if it does not work for everyone. That’s fine because in reality no strategy works for everyone.

What do you know is true for you? What received wisdom is a load of hokum for you? Record it all in your lab notes.

One of the world’s most successful and respected bloggers, Steve Pavlina, conducts frequent “experiments” on his life – changing his diet, his habits, his thoughts, and as a result writes the most engaging and effective content I’ve read anywhere on the web. Mark Forster, time management guru, experiments with radical ways of managing his time and creates completely new techniques to write about in his books.

You can do this too. Choose a meaty problem that your target market struggles with, throw out the rulebook, follow your hunches, and experiment with new ways of solving it. Report what you find and invite others to join the conversation. If you can come up with a new solution, this can be a speedy route to expert status.

See you in the lab.

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