Live Life in Perpetual Beta

Melissa Pierce is definitely a Player. She is making a film called Life in Perpetual Beta about a more improvised approach to work and life – and she’s living her own message as she makes it. She started with no real experience of film making and without knowing exactly where she was going.

Melissa crowdsourced the whole film from raising funding to asking twitter followers who to interview and what to ask them. She interviewed some of the most interesting people in the world today on the topics of work, entrepreneurship, creativity, and how technology is enabling people to live less planned and more passionate lives.

As Melissa writes on her blog recently:

It’s hard to believe but the first edition of Life In Perpetual Beta is almost complete, and yes, I am just as surprised as you are that I’ve actually managed to get this far. Who would have thunk that a year ago a woman with no experience, no connections, and no idea what she was doing would be in the final stages of wrapping up a documentary film?

Melissa is now using to raise the remaining funds to release the film. See her progress in the widget below:

Watch some of Melissa’s great interviews here or watch Melissa being interviewed by one of her interviewees in very “Beta” style.

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