How to make the next 12 months your best yet – without setting a single goal

John Williams

For a lot of us, particularly creative people, conventional goal setting and planning techniques just don’t work.

So how do we engineer a great life for ourselves without all that SMART goal malarkey? One doing the whole variety of stuff we enjoy while making a great living at the same time?

I gave a talk in January on exactly this topic.

This talk is particularly useful for anyone who is a scanner – a multi-faceted creative person with diverse interests and lots of ideas. But it’s great for anyone desperate for a more fluid and natural way of creating your own success.

Listen now and discover the 3 steps to creating your own Back Of An Envelope Plan for the next 12 months that’s simple, exciting, effective, and doesn’t box you in.

This was recorded at Scanners Night, my monthly London event for creative people, entrepreneurs and, of course, scanners. In April, we’re learning “How to become a TV expert” from former BBC TV Producer, Claire Richmond.

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