Does your business pass the sweat test?

A great business supplies something that people really really want – not just something that sounds like a nice idea. And you need to talk about it in terms of what  your customers want, not how it works or how you deliver it.

When Sophie Boss launched her business Beyond Chocolate to help women stop yo-yo dieting and enjoy food again, the strap line was “Transform Your Relationship With Food”. She later attended a marketing workshop and as Sophie says,

“The woman leading it looked at me and said “You know, I don’t think anybody wakes up in the morning thinking ‘I really must transform my relationship with food!’” And she was right. What they do is they think ‘I’ve got to lose weight’ or ‘I’ve just got to stop this dieting madness’ or ‘I can’t do this anymore’. And so we decided to change our wording.

“The strap line of the book we wrote afterwards is “Stop yoyo dieting and lose weight for good.” It felt like we were making a big compromise because even though women do lose weight with Beyond Chocolate, we didn’t feel that was the focus of our work. We were keen to explain ‘how’ Beyond Chocolate was different and how it could help them. What I’ve discovered is that people are interested in what they want, and they don’t necessarily want to know how we do it. Transforming their relationship with food is the ‘how’, their goal was to end the misery of yo-yo dieting and finally lose weight.”

When you think of your target clients, if you can imagine them waking up in a sweat worrying about a problem – and that problem is something you can help solve, you know you’re onto a winner. And if you can talk in terms of the very thing that’s making them sweat (not about yourself and your business) you’ll grab their attention every time.

Does your business pass the sweat test?

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