Boring, boring, boring – is that the flavour of your marketing?

I work with lots of people first making the leap into freelancing, self-employment or their own business. And I am constantly amazed that when they launch their website or brochure, they take everything that makes them different, special, interesting, and talented – everything that is most valuable about them – and strip it right out of their marketing!

As a result, they end up with a website and marketing message that looks exactly the same as everyone else’s. This is not doing anyone a favour; how can a visitor to your site now tell whether they click with your personality and approach?

Show your personality because people buy people, not just your services or products. Think of what’s most striking about you – your friendliness, your cheeky sense of humour, your brilliant ideas, your obsession with detail – and build your entire brand around that. Show it in the copy and styling of all your marketing materials.

The fear of course as a beginning entrepreneur is that you’ll turn some people off. You will. But you need to turn some people off to turn others on. Better to click brilliantly with a small number of people than to bore the whole world.

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