2 minute market research that’s stunningly effective

Here’s an incredibly effective technique to help you win more work with a lot less effort. And it only takes a couple of minutes.

Write an email to your prospect list (you do have an email list right?) asking them one simple question:

  • What’s your single biggest challenge right now in [whatever area you help with]?

So this could be:

  • What’s your single biggest challenge right now in getting fit?
  • What’s your single biggest challenge right now in managing your team?
  • What’s your single biggest challenge right now in your online marketing?
  • Etc…

If you sell to businesses, you may get better results by calling up a number of prospects and asking to meet them face to face to ask the question. Explain that it’s not a sales meeting, merely a quick bit of market research. This low pressure tack not only gets the best response, it sometimes naturally leads to a discussion about how you can help.

If you’re an internet marketer, add this question on your squeezepage.

Variations on the question include:

  • What’s your most burning question right now in this area? (Good option for you if you offer advice & expertise, useful for internet squeeze pages)
  • What’s the biggest challenge in your industry/field right now? (Sounds less personal so a good option if you don’t know the person well and don’t want to sound too intrusive)
  • What’s your biggest headache in this area of your life/business right now?

The information you get from asking these questions is priceless.

Do this for a number of your target clients and you should then be able to align what you offer with exactly what people have told you they most need. You can then talk in these terms in all your sales & marketing.

Just watch what a dramatic difference it makes to your business.

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