Which jobs make people the happiest?

Which jobs are most satisfying? Which make people the happiest? And which make people the unhappiest?

In chapter 3 of Screw Work, Let’s Play I explain that the formula for happiness requires that you not only enjoy yourself but are also involved in doing something useful for others. This is reflected in the results of a 2006 survey of 27,000 Americans and their work.

The results show that fire-fighters, the clergy and others with professional jobs that involve helping or serving people are more satisfied with their work and are happier than others.

People who scored high on the happiness scale had the following jobs:

  1. Clergy
  2. Firefighters
  3. Transportation ticket and reservation agents
  4. Housekeepers and butlers
  5. Hardware/building supplies salespersons
  6. Architects
  7. Mechanics and repairers
  8. Special education teachers
  9. Actors and directors
  10. Science technicians

Meanwhile clothing salespersons and roofers are amongst the most miserable.

Read more of the results on livescience.com

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