What to do when you have no idea what work you would enjoy

Are you totally stuck on finding work you would enjoy? Hit a brick wall? Nothing looks very appealing?

Or maybe you have a few ideas but can’t for the life of you decide which one to pursue? You’re just going round and round in circles in your own head.


Want to know what’s really going on? You’re almost certainly stuck in “pinball thinking”.

Just like the ball bearing in a game of pinball, your internal dialogue about possible work options rapidly pings back and forth before falling down a hole. Does the conversation in your head sound something like the following?

“I know, I could be a writer!

Oh no, you can’t make proper money writing.

Maybe I could start my own business!

But it’s too risky right now to do that.

I could try PR.

But I’d have to retrain and I don’t have the money.

Ah, I’m stuck…

I have no idea what I want to do.”

(Game over)

In reality of course, you’ve had three ideas just in that one internal conversation. In each one of those ideas there is something that speaks to you. That means there is information there about the kind of work you find attractive; information that you’re currently discarding.

The Solution

The solution to Pinball Thinking is to take all your ideas for work you might enjoy, no matter how impractical they might seem right now, get them down on paper and work through a process to make one or more of them work for you.

I created the Career DNA Worksheets to do exactly this and they have been used by hundreds of people to break the mental block on finding the right work for them.

The good news is they’re free.

You can download them right here.

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