Let’s start a revolution

Let’s start a revolution – a revolution at work.

It’s time to overthrow a set of ideas that have long outstayed their welcome:

  • That a Good Job is the best you can hope for
  • That the alternatives are too risky
  • That you should hide your real personality and interests to fit in at work
  • That you should squeeze what you really like doing into hobbies in your spare time
  • If you dare to strike out on your own, you should be sensible, appeal to the mass market, and be sure not to do anything that anyone doesn’t like
  • There are two kinds of people in the world: talented famous people and normal people – like you.
  • If you do have real talent, be sure to play it down
  • If you have ideas about writing, creating art, making a TV programme, you’ll have to hope someone in charge notices you and gives you a break

These ideas are out of date. They are the ideas of a previous generation. Some of them in fact date back to the industrial revolution when the trend for commoditising humans really took off.

Previous generations didn’t have much choice but to live by these ideas. Wo do. Now we’re free.

The world has changed. The Internet in particular now means it’s possible to make a living out of almost anything you can think of – if you’re determined to. Anyone can now get paid for doing things they love doing and have a natural talent for – things that feel more like play than work.

And we can start right now without a grand plan and play out the unfolding of our life’s work.

It’s time for the Play Revolution.

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