Introducing Wealth Dynamics - or why your work doesn't have to be a struggle

If you're putting a lot of effort into your work for what you get back, chances are you're "out of flow".

As I describe in chapter 3 of Screw Work, Let's Play, being "in flow" is about bullding your working life around the things that suit your personality naturally. The result is you end up enjoying your work you so much you actually feel guilty getting paid for it!

Sure there'll still be plenty of effort involved and sometimes long hours but you'll be having a lot of fun while you're doing it and the results and financial return will be far far greater.

How do you get into flow?

The most effective way I've found for getting into flow is Wealth Dynamics, a personality profiling system and philosophy of wealth created by millionaire entrepreneur Roger Hamilton.

It shows that there are only 8 paths to wealth and the key is to find out which path suits you naturally and stick to it.

I believe every entrepreneur & would-be entrepeneur should know their wealth profile. I use my profile every single day in my business and I know the wealth profile of every person I collaborate with.

I wish I could persuade everyone to find out what theirs is!

Watch Roger Hamilton explain Wealth Dynamics in just a few minutes and see if you can work out where you sit on the wealth square.

Want to find out your own wealth profile?

The only way of knowing your profile for sure is to take an online test that lasts about 15 minutes. You can then download a 20 page personalised Wealth Profile Report showing the results and explaining what they mean for you.

Read about the test and discover your own path of least resistance to wealth.

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  • Loved Chapter ONE of Screw you
    See my comment... to Chapter 2

    Sorry but you have lost me. I HATE personality tests.. an frankly dont believe that we fit into neat little boxes (Something that you already argued against earlier in chapter one!!!)

    And now I see that through this website you are merely an affiliate for this dumb wealth dynamics test (hasn't the world tired of pseudo scientological clap-trap by now) Certainly after the financial crisis, the businesses I produce online learning for, turned against these tests and "value games" etc for more "real world" practical solutions, no fluff please!!!

    I'm pushing on but a bit dubiously now Im afraid...