How to smash your career block: the truth about ‘the truth’

Yesterday I did 8 hours of back-to-back 15 minute career consultations. (I was at the Vitality Show at the Earls Court exhibition centre in London on behalf of Careershifters.)

It’s a fascinating experience; a complete stranger sits down in front of me, they tell me their career challenge, and I try to do something helpful within 15 minutes before moving on to the next person.

Although there is a lot of variety in the problems people are facing in their career, some common themes quickly appear.

Here’s the most striking. We all have wildly differing beliefs about work and what is possible for us in our own career or business; “It’s impossible for someone with my career history to get into [insert career]”, “It’s impossible to get paid well to do [insert line of work]”… and so on.

And we all see our beliefs as the truth – simply the way the world is.

And yet if you look, there will always be an example somewhere in the world that disproves this ‘truth’.

The blocks in our working lives (for instance, trying to find the work we really enjoy) are things we see as external problems – limitations in what is possible in the world of work. In reality, they are almost always limitations in our thinking.

What have you convinced yourself is the truth about work and might benefit from some reappraisal?

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