How to find the sweet spot for your ideal work

If you want to get paid to play – that is to do something that comes naturally to you and you love doing – you need to find your sweet spot. Your sweet spot is where your talent, skill and passion meet.

Talent is what you’re born with. Great comedians have been making people laugh since their earliest school days. But when they first step up to a mic to perform they still usually “die”. This is because pacing, writing material, and audience interaction are skills that have to be learned.

The third factor is passion. Even if you’re good at something, you won’t excel at it unless you really enjoy it. I happen to be talented and skilled at wiring extremely complex digital video systems together. It’s easy for me and I had a lot of practice in it at a previous job but I’m not passionate about it so there is no way I would make it a central part of my working life.

If you have both talent and passion for something – and you have the time – you can develop the skills you need. If you want to get paid to play right away, you need to choose an activity where you already have all three.

Then, as British expert on creativity and education Sir Ken Robinson says,

“When you find where what you’re good at meets your passion, you never work a day in your life”

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