3 steps to make your dreams come true right away

Whatever you dream of doing with your life, you can start it right this moment.

You can of course sit down, decide exactly what you want, set goals, and develop a plan to get you there – but the fact is an awful lot of people fall at this first hurdle.

What if you don’t know exactly what you want? What if just the thought of setting another goal saps the life out of you? Whatever if you have no idea how to achieve what you want?

I suggest a very different approach. Just start playing:

  1. Think about the experience you want to have in life – freedom, luxury, happiness, connection, being creative, learning, discovering new places and cultures, feeling relaxed and at ease – whatever it is you want more of in your life. You can always have the experience you want even if you can’t have the exact version you imagined of your dream life.
  2. Think of a project you could start playing with right now which will give you at least some small taste of that experience. This is your play project.
  3. Start it right away: do 10 minutes of it now.

If your dream life is that of a writer, your play project might be to write a short story or sketch an outline for a non fiction book. Now pick up a pen and take 10 minutes to write. Congratulations, you’re a writer!

OK, you’re not being paid for it yet, but what do you think is more likely to get you there? Thinking about whether you could be a writer or getting on with writing?

So what’s your play project?

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