Join my 90 day blogging challenge

Whether you want to write a book, develop a business idea, get famous for your art, or get traffic to your business site, blogging is one of the most effective things you can do. That’s why I recommend it so strongly in my book Screw Work, Let’s Play.

But for blogging to work, it needs to be regular; you need a schedule. And the more frequently you post, the better. When I’ve blogged twice a week on I got some level of interest and comments – but then I let the habit slip and traffic fell away. On this blog I want to try blogging regularly and consistently to see what effect it has.

So for the next 90 days – which takes me past the publication of my book – I am going to write every weekday. That’s 5 good posts a week, without fail. (Yes I could do daily meaning 7 posts a week but this is a good schedule that allows me some breathing room for other marketing tasks).

I have 11 weeks until publication and 11 chapters to blog about so that gives me a nice structure to use. Can you create something similar to keep you focussed?

I’m also going to track my traffic with Google Analytics to measure the impact (on WordPress this is most easily done by installing the Google Analyticator plugin).

I suspect that 90 days of (near) daily blogging will bring some very significant results.

Want to join me?

Start blogging from 1st March and report how you get on on twitter – use hashtag #dailyblog and follow me @johnsw.

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  • Mare Meyknecht

    Hi John,
    What a good idea! I have decided join you: I have recently started my blog and have trouble getting into the habit of putting up a daily post. So I think this is a good way to practice and learn. Do you have any ground rules, regarding minimum length of posts etc? If so let me know.
    Good luck and thanks for the challenge.

  • No minimum length Mare – just one rule: post something of real value to your readers. Could be just an image or a link with a sentence of explanation.

  • Hi John,

    I started my challenge(s) with beginning of Lent so I’m already at Day 13 of 40 days but I can expand it (wouldn’t be bad for my blog anyway) I’m just not sure if I really post value for my readers everyday (any day)

    Good luck with your challenge and your book. I’m looking forward to your posts here.

  • I can concur John’s views on the power of blogging and the power of twitter. I dont actually blog every day but I do tweet and my tweets are linked of course to my blog. I’ve pulled the data on visits to my site over the past few months so you can see the effect.

    Jan 2010 – 961 visits to my site
    Feb 2010 – 1104 visits to my site
    Mar 2010 – 1523 visits to my site
    April 2010 – 2066 visits to my site

    Continual steady growth of visits.

  • That’s cool Pete!