How’s my blurb?

I’m currently working with the commissioning editor on the “blurb” that goes on the back cover of the book. Here’s what we’ve got so far. What do you think? Would this tempt you to buy the book? Is there anything that puts you off or doesn’t make sense? Please leave a comment and let me know!

Join The Play Revolution

Stuck in a job that’s reducing you to tears?
Slogging away at a business that’s never quite taken off?
Still going round in circles trying to find out what you really want to do for a living?

Well, it’s time to end all that.

We’ve reached a remarkable point in the history of work. It’s now possible for anyone to make a living doing the things they love – if only they have the right guidance.

This book is your blueprint to creating a fulfilling work-life of fun, freedom, variety, and creativity; something that feels more like play than work.

Packed full of stories from people who have made their passion into a living – or even a million pound business – Screw Work Let’s Play shows you the 10 secrets to transform your working life.

Whether you want to launch your own business, go freelance, create your ideal job from scratch, write a book, get famous for your art, or change the world, this book will show the shortcuts to get you started today.

Discover life-changing concepts and practical strategies including:

  • How to find out what you will really enjoy doing
  • The secret to ensure you can make money from doing what you enjoy
  • How to win your first playcheque – without quitting your current work
  • How to get famous for what you do
  • How to get paid to play full-time – and even make some of your income without turning up
  • How to conquer the doubts and internal blocks that hold you back
  • The 21 myths of work that might be limiting your success – and how to beat them
  • How you can get rich while playing – even in uncertain economic times

Written by a career maverick who escaped corporate life to build a unique creative career and has since coached hundreds of people to get paid to do what they love.

Armed with these tools, there really is no reason left to suffer unfulfilling work.

Ready to play?

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